Curtain Control by Mobile/Remote

Home Curtain Control by Mobile/Remote

Motorized Curtain Control Automation over Wi-Fi or LDR Sensor

Our Curtain Controller is designed to control motorized curtains and projector screens. The module has to be wired to the curtain motor and connects over wi-fi to give you control of your curtains or projector screens on the App. This will work along with any existing setup you have to control the curtains or projector screen.

Controls By

Android/IOS App

Google Home

Amazon Alexa



  • Schedule your appliances to follow your daily routine
  • Wake up in the morning when curtains open automatically to let the morning Sun in
  • Reach home in the evening to find your entrance lights ON
  • Never worry that leaving a curtain open will heat up your room


  • The scene feature of Zemote lets you control multiple appliances on a single tap
  • Combine the curtain controller with other Zemote products
  • Execute the perfect setup with the scenes feature of Zemote

Pure Luxury

  • Imagine that you wake up and your curtains open up
  • You enter your office and your projector is already ON and the screen has already lowered for the presentation
  • This is the power that Zemote provides to your facility
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